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About PianoCat

How long are you playing Piano?

I’ve started playing the piano when I was 7 years old. Today I have over 20 years experience.

Do you play other Instruments?

I play Saxophon (Beginner), Guitar (Beginner) and Harp (Advanced).

What was your motivation to create a YouTube Channel?

I’ve been looking myself for interesting game arrangements but I hardly find any sheet music and when I did, I didn’t like the style and voicing. So I decided to arrange Soundtracks by myself and ofcourse I’m curious, if people like my covers. That’s why I created the YouTube Channel.

How long does your YouTube Channel exist?

I created my Channel in 2009 – but at that time I just uploaded Videos to share them with a very small group of people. It was in 2017, when i decided to rename the Channel to PianoCat and to make consistent pianovideos.

How often do you upload your Content?

At least 2 times a month!

What’s your equipment?

I use an old masterkeyboard Studiologic SL 880 Pro and an expander Roland (XV-2020) with advanced Piano sounds.

What music are you interested in?

I like every Genre- Jazz, Progressive Metal (Animals as Leaders), Electro. I love filmmusic and music by Ravel and Debussy. Other people I adore: Hiromi Uehara, Eric Whitacre, Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez and many more!

What are your future plans?

I don’t think much about the future and I try to live in the present.

Where can I find you?

Patreon, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

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